Five Themes of Geography for Zimbabwe

Location: Harare: 17 50 S 31 03 E

Place: You would be surprised because Zimbabwe does get rain. There is a certain time when they have a rainy season. It starts from November to about March. It’s mostly tropical climate but it does depend on your alitude.

Human Environment Interaction: This country specializes in mostly mining and they do grow crops. Zimbabwe does a lot of mining such as coal, gold, silver, copper, nickel, platinum, tin, clay, and other metallic and non metallic things. They also make shoes, clothes, food, and beverages. They make wood products and some cement chemicals. There main agriculture products are corn, tobacco, coffee, sugarcane, sheep, pigs, goats, wheat, and peanuts.

Movement: Zimbabwe exports to about 8 different countries. They export cotton, tobacco, gold, clothing, ferroalloys, and platinum. They import machines and other types of chemicals and fuels. They use trains and airplanes to export and import there products.

Region: Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa. Its located between Zambia and South Africa. Zimbabwe is a higher plateau or at least most of it. The higher central plateau is located in the mountains in the east.

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